Thursday, 30.05.2019

Travel: Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

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The city of Hamburg is famous for lots of sights and Activities, such as the Michel, the old Elbtunnel, beautiful walks along the Alster or harbour boat trips. Inarguably you can always find something fun to do when the sun is shining, but let’s be honest there are lots of days you wouldn’t like to spend outside. So in case you won’t spend a rainy day in museums and galleries, we can recommend you a magical place called the Miniatur Wunderland.


The Miniatur Wunderland is one of the most famous sights in whole Germany. You can find it in the Speicherstadt and can easily reach it by feet or by subway. After purchasing a ticket you can gaze over 1499 square metres layout size and see more than 1000 trains, 4000 buildings and 250.000 figures in 9 different themed worlds. Everyone who knows a bit about modelling might think that the owners are absolutely crazy, but the wonderland is actually a dream that came true and is shared with the whole world.

Right at the entrance you get a guide which not only informs you about the landscapes and the places of interest, but also shows 15 figures that you can look for and find there. In addition, you can press buttons everywhere and look for the figures, cars or buildings that move. During your visit the light will change several times from daytime to night and the scenery also changes. There are beautiful light installations all around the wonderland and you can also see a modellised thunderstorm or vulcano eruption in Pompeji. You will definitely find the most famous sights of big cities or countries all around the world, like the Matterhorn of Switzerland, the Grand Canyon or the Elbphilharmonie. There are also guided backstage tours multiple times a day, unfortunately mostly in German.


Although all models seem to be very fragile and sceneries can easily be damaged, the wonderland is extremely children friendly. But not only that younger visitors are very welcome, social responsibility is an important topic for the owners of the wonderland. Wheelchair users and accompanying people get a ticket discount, there are special days you can visit the wonderland even if you can’t afford it and there are lots of donation pins and magnets all around the wonderland.

Before visiting the Miniatur Wunderland you should always check the waiting times. It is a good idea to come early in the morning or late in the afternoon, a ticket reservation is the best way to skip long waiting times.

Quick facts

  • Open 365 day a year, at least from 9:30 - 18:00
  • Adult tickets for 15,00 Euro
  • Discount for elderly people (65+), children, students, handicapped people or wheelchair users

What else to see?

Get a free view over the Landungsbrücken from the Plaza of the Elbphilharmonie. From there walk along the Landungsbrücken and enjoy a fishbun or a Franzbrötchen, which is a typical baked good from Hamburg. Then go through the old Elbtunnel and enjoy the view on the skyline of the city.