Samstag, 04.05.2019

Travel: Hiking in Saxony Switzerland

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In Germany Saxony is well known for its strange dialect, Karl May and Christmas handcrafts, but as soon as you get there you will see that Saxony offers a beautiful and interesting landscape that invites you to go on a hike!

Saxony Swizerland

If you search the internet for Saxony you will definitely find a picture of the Bastei bridge, which is a really popular sight in an area we call the Saxony Switzerland. The unusual appearance of the rocks standing out of the beautiful landscape make you think that you might be in a country like Canada, but not in Germany. If you like to hike in this extraordinary piece of nature we can extremely recommend to start you trip in Rathen, a little town which offers restaurants, souvenir shops, maps, hiking equipment and so much more you could need for a day trip. In the centre of Rathen you will find a big map that shows you all the hiking trails for different levels of difficulty. You can also see which sights you might see on your way, that can help you with your decision.

On your way the paths are signed with lines on the trees and sometimes you will even find a signpost. The best opportunity to see the Bastei bridge is to pay the entrance for the castle ruins, where you have a stunning view over the so called Schrammsteine and the bridge. The entrance fee is 2 Euros, which are totally worth it. The castle was home to 300 people and was an important refuge during the Thirty Years' War. The Bastei Bridge was built in 1826 and is now a go to sight for many tourists.

Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The view and the nature are just breathtaking and absolutely recommendable. Of course it is exhausting to walk up the mountains, so we would recommend to come here during spring and autumn, when it is not too hot but sunny.

If you don’t like to hike, or aren’t capable of walking long distances but still want to have a an astonishing view over the landscape, don’t hesitate to visit Castle Königsstein. A really impressive castle with an interesting permanent exhibition. During the GDR period, for example, the castle was used as a boarding school for the "political education" of young people. The entrance cost 10 euros, in my opinion, a pretty proud price, but you can really spend a lot of time here.