Sonntag, 28.04.2019

Travel: Heidelberg Castle

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Heidelberg is a well known city for anyone who likes to study in Germany. But there is more than just a great University, but also a famous castle, Germany’s most famous ruin. You might wonder why a destroyed castle is such an attraction, we also did before we were there.

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelbergs main attractions are its baroque city centre and the the castle of course. I have to disappoint you if you think there is a beautiful well preserved castle with lots of rooms to visit. Heidelberg Castle is just a ruin, but a splendid place to spend some hours on a sunny day. Previously, the castle was the residence of the ruler of the Rhineland Palatinate, but the castle has been destroyed in the 17th century. The owners tried to rebuild the castle, but after lightning had set the restored facility on fire in 1764, the plan to restore everything was abandoned.

The ruin is divided into special parts which not only show the life at the castle but also teach you a lot about German drinking culture. There are two wine barrels in the Barrel Building, one of those is already very large and the other just huge. I'm not sure why exactly someone would need so much wine, but it seemed to be the ruler's favorite drink.

There is also a pharmacy museum included in the ticket price. It's really interesting to see how medicine and drugs have evolved over the centuries. Today, I could hardly imagine eating dried beetles to cure a disease, but if there was nothing better, at least the placebo effect was a good help.

Especially in Spring and Summer, the gardens are worth to spend some time there. A small walk around the castle grounds offers a beautiful view over the old city centre and the river Neckar.

Quick facts

  • Ticket price 7,00 € for an adult
  • The ticket includes the mountain railway and the pharmacy museum
  • easy to reach by car, it is well signposted and there is plenty of parking in the area.