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We are Till and Melissa, two adventurous souls from the German city of Hamburg, who love to travel. As we are constantly seeking for travel destinations all around the world, we’d like to show you the country we know best!

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Do you want to explore Germany as a tourist? Are you struggeling with finding the right place for your next vacation? These blog article might be helpful to find your next travel destination!


Have you ever wondered if it's true that we are always punctual and accurate? Do you want to understand more about German History and culture? You will definitely find some answeres here.


There is more than Weißwurst and Bier! The German cuisine has variations from region to region and is absolutely delicious! We will also tell you why we are so obsessed with bread.

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a day in Bremen

TRAVEL: If you spend a day in Bremen...

People who travel to Germany usually think of cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Munich. Bremen is relatively small in comparison, but not less traditional and definitely worth a visit.

Easter in Germany

TRAVEL: Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg

The city of Hamburg is famous for lots of sights and Activities, such as the Michel, the old Elbtunnel, beautiful walks along the Alster or harbour boat trips.

Father and Child

HOW TO: celebrate Father's Day in Germany

Like in so many other countries in Germany we have a special day to celebrate all fathers and of course all other men too, because we don’t want to discriminate them. That’s why we also name this day “Herrentag” (Gentlemen’s Day) or simply “Männertag” (Men’s Day).


TRAVEL: Laboe at the Baltic Sea

In Germany we really like to spend our weekends or holidays at the sea. We are happy to choose between the North and Baltic Seas, which both have their advantages even though they are very different..

Hiking in Saxony

TRAVEL: Hiking in Saxony Switzerland

In Germany Saxony is well known for its strange dialect, Karl May and Christmas handcrafts, but as soon as you get there you will see that Saxony offers a beautiful and interesting landscape that invites you to go on a hike!..

Easter in Germany

Travel: Heidelberg castle

Heidelberg is a well known city for anyone who likes to study in Germany. But there is more than just a great University, but also a famous castle, Germany’s most famous ruin.

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