Dienstag, 29.05.2019

HOW TO: celebrate Father's Day in Germany

Like in so many other countries in Germany we have a special day to celebrate all fathers and of course all other men too, because we don’t want to discriminate them. That’s why we also name this day “Herrentag” (Gentlemen’s Day) or simply “Männertag” (Men’s Day).

Father and Child

In Germany Father's Day falls on the same day as Ascension Day, which is a holiday anyway and the fathers have plenty of time for their family and friends. When the weather is good, we enjoy a nice bicycle tour. This is what most German families do on Father's Day and most children enjoy the time with their fathers. During the long bicycle tours a lot of people come together at beergardens and enjoy a fresh drink. But always remember: Don’t drink and drive. This also counts for bicycles!

On Father's Day we have an average of three times as many traffic accidents as on other days in Germany. Anyway, most of our German gentlemen like to celebrate their day with alcohol. Therefore many (young) people decide to walk along the roads with a hand carriage which is filled with beer, booze, snacks and a radio. Goal of these long walks are mostly pubs, restaurants or any place where you can have a nice meal together.

Other popular activities are pub tours, gatherings in a park, spend the whole day in beergardens or inviting friends to have a barbeque. Most children like to give a little gift to their fathers, therefore in most schools art related subjects try to help pupils producing something pretty or practical.

These days it really doesn’t matter if you are a father or not to celebrate Father’s day and even women join the groups celebrating our men.