About us

We are Till and Melissa, two adventurous souls from the German city of Hamburg, who love to travel. As we are constantly seeking for travel destinations all around the world, we’d like to show you the country we know best! On this blog we will show you places in Germany worth a visit and introduce you to the our cuisine and culture. Whatever you’d like to find out, you will find it here!

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Have you ever thought of coming to Germany for vacation, an exchange year or do you even want to live here? The first time you come to a foreign country it is always challenging to figure out how things work and what to see first. During our travels in Asia, the USA and Europe we also made this experience and decided to help people understanding our home country a little bit more.

Germany is a diverse country with the north and baltic sea, Islands, vineyards and the Alps. In addition to a great spectrum of nature we also have hundreds of years of history, which you can actually see at many places. We like to travel around in this beautiful country, to get to know it better and to tell you which places you should definitely give a try.

One day we joined in the program “Adopt a student”, which aims to support cultural exchange between foreign students and local people. This gave us the inspiration to teach people from all around the world about our home country, culture and language. It also makes us curious of the different parts of Germany, we do not know yet.